Worldo Meter – Worldometer is a website that measures the status of various aspects of the world

A Worldometer is a website that measures the status of various aspects of the world. Its founder, Andrey Alimetov, was just 20 years old and working in New York City at the time. His goal was to provide a resource that would help people all over the world stay informed about different aspects of the world. Rather than reporting on the economic state of the world, he wanted to share the daily statistics on things such as the global population

One such example of a Worldometer is its COVID-19 data. The site’s users can see a live count of deaths and the population around the world. They can also view detailed statistics on the coronavirus and the number of active cases in certain regions. The statistics have become so accurate that Worldometer has often been cited in official government press briefings. The website has grown in popularity since it was first launched. It is now the only reliable source of information about the Covid-19 pandemic

The data that Worldometer reports is also misleading. Only about half of countries publish their data on Covid-19 tests. Johns Hopkins does not distribute these statistics internationally, so the data that is published is incomplete. But, owing to a relationship with Worldometer, the university is listed among several sources in its coronavirus dashboard. The University declined to disclose which specific data points it uses to create its dashboard. And while Johns Hopkins says it doesn’t distribute data on Covid-19 worldwide, it lists Worldometer among its sources moviesverse.

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