Top 10 Entertainment and Celebrity News Websites

Looking for the latest in entertainment and celebrity news? Try these popular websites. With their unique blend of celebrity gossip, insider information and exclusive photos, these publications offer unrivaled access to the red carpet. People magazine also has the inside scoop on the hottest Hollywood stars. HollywoodLife features exclusive photos, videos and the latest fashion trends. MediaTakeOut is a blog-style website aimed at people interested in celebrity gossip and news minishortner. It claims to be the most popular urban website.

TMZ is one of the leading sources of celeb gossip, and its aggressive journalists are the first to report breaking news. TMZ was the first to report on Michael Jackson’s death, Mel Gibson’s drunk driving incident and Rihanna’s police photos. Its fast reporting has revolutionized the way celeb news is reported. Its speed is part of the reason why these websites have become so popular.



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