How Can I Know If the iPhone 13 is Real Or Fake?

The first thing to look for is the model, serial number, and IMEI on the iPhone 13’s box. Authentic iPhones should have the numbers that are displayed on their boxes match the numbers you can find on Check Coverage’s website or by going into Settings> General> About> Serial Number. If the numbers do not match, it is likely to be a fake.

Once you have a working iPhone, you can check whether it is genuine by making use of the screen. The real one will have a numerical display that says ‘4G’, while fakes do not have that feature. Another way to tell if an iPhone is fake is to look at its memory capacity. Fake iPhones have fixed memory capacities and old signal bars. If you see these features on fake iPhones, you should avoid them.

Another way to check if the iPhone 13 is real or fake is to check its storage capacity. A real iPhone will have a fixed capacity, while a fake will need to be expanded with a memory card. Lastly, a fake iPhone will be sold for cheaper than the recommended retail price of the regular iPhone. If it is sold for less than half of its suggested retail price, it is probably a fake.

Another way to check whether an iPhone is a fake is to look for the Siri or other voice assistant. The true iPhone will have Siri on its box, but fakes may have Google Assistant or another voice assistant. Once you know this, you can confirm if the iPhone is authentic or not. You can also check the box. Make sure to check the model number and serial number. You should also check the box for any fake or cloned items.



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